Stealth Startup

How Does A Stealth Startup work?

Stealth startups operate cautiously without leaking any information to the general public. They work with limited partners and usually follow the following operating model –

Temporary Models

A stealth startup operates on temporary business, revenue, and identity model. Usually, it doesn’t disclose its name to the general public. The business and revenue model are minimal just to validate the hypotheses and/or become ready before the actual launch.

Generally, a stealth startup focuses mainly on building and strengthening the internal structure and model during the stealth mode, which includes –

  • Getting more partners and stakeholders on board.
  • Working with very few early adopters to understand the consumer need, want, and behaviour.

No Marketing

Stealth startups stay away from media and public. They make sure to perform tasks secretively so as no one (other than people they trust) knows what exactly are they are up to.

Moreover, it saves the business from not-so-necessary early expenditures like branding, communication, and promotions.

No-Disclosure Agreements

No-disclosure agreements are the spine of a stealth startup. Everyone who knows about the real identity of the startup; including investors, employees, and partners; is made to sign a no-disclosure agreement to keep the identity a secret.

Benefits Of Stealth Startup

Launching a startup in a stealth mode has its own perks. Some are –

  • Protects The Idea And Intellectual Property: Operating in a stealth mode without making much noise of what the company does or offers gives much time to the startup to develop the idea into a working model, register it, and own it before anyone tries to steal it. And since filing a patent is a lengthy and expensive proposition, being secretive sometimes buys enough time and resources to do so.
  • Maintains A Competitive Edge: Often, startups choose the stealth mode just to make sure that they develop something proprietary that gives them a competitive edge in the market. This takes time but proves to be fruitful for most.
  • Helps Launch Only When Ready: Being in the public eye raises expectations and might distract the team, and the business form actual goals. Being stealth helps the startup focus only 
  • Helps Control The Media: Being stealth helps to release only the most essential information to the public like investments and key partnerships, if necessary.

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