Lean Startup: what does it mean? Innovative business model

Why is this a winning approach?
Lean Startup is a radical approach to launching innovative ideas regarding the creation of new businesses or projects to be started in existing large companies.

It proposes a sustainable business path, which provides for a drastic reduction in costs and times, thus also decreasing the chances of bankruptcy.
The procedure involves a process of continuous conception, modification and revision, which has the aim of progressively adapting one’s vision and product to the customer’s needs.

The latter becomes the focus of attention and company projects, in the sense that his opinions and needs allow for an increasingly detailed study of how it is possible to improve the product offered to him.

The main steps to build a business model with this approach are:

  1. Analyze and Design
  2. Build and Apply
  3. Measure and Optimizein continuous and repetitive mode

This method uses incremental projects based on MVP (minimum salable product),
which means starting your business by spending as little as possible and trying to offer a prototype of your product: in this way you will be able to record the first reactions of customers, understand what works and what doesn’t, so that you can then develop a product over time always better and adapted to the real needs of the people who use it; and all without having initially spent high amounts with the risk of an economic loss.

This helps to create an easy and stimulating working environment, in which everyone can experiment with new ideas and try their hand at their passions without the burden of excessive responsibilities linked to investments of money.

We believe in this philosophy of applied work
and that is why, in addition to digital services, we provide techniques to put this innovative professional method into practice.

In our opinion, consulting also means this: bringing your own experience and the dynamics that have led to your success and making them available to others.

So, these are the key features of our professional mission: spreading useful and innovative ideas, providing and receiving advice and work experiences, training people and being trained by them in turn.

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