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We are number #1 Startup Studio focused on southeast Europe
We develop, launch, and scale next-generation digital businesses using a centralized mix of talent

Wizalia is a Venture Studio

We fund and invest in Startups, working on new ideas and new business models every day. We don't want to reinvent the wheel, we innovate in the simplest way possible: taking a cue from what already works in more developed countries, such as the USA. Once we find a suitable idea for the European market, we run a test with an MVP, we create a vertical team, and we appoint an industry expert CEO to the company. Our job consists of validating the market, acquiring the first customers, scaling the business, raising capital, and growing the team.

Our Studio Process

Our magic potion

Our Studio Process and Focus Creating Opportunities. Growing Success.

Explore the market

research and selection of international businesses to find proven business model

Test and Validation

We’ll define the market and create a real, actionable plan to bring the idea to life.

MVP Development

Each startup is validated through a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) directly on the market.

Team and CEO

This is where the real magic happens. One dedicated Startup CEO sets up the team

Seed Round

we create right to the first seed round and make it independent from the Studio.


Now that our start-up is firmly rooted, we need to help it grow.


Latest News

All the news from and about us as well as industry news, ideas and opinions on the startup studio model, on the world of venture building and innovation.